Power consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 + | Energy talk, tips and cost saving solutions
Are you satisfied with the autonomy of your device?
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How do you optimize application performance?
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Power consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 +

SM-G960 / SM-G965

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In this topic, we discuss power consumption
on different firmware and with a different set of applications!

Useful applications
Package Disabler Pro [Samsung]- Disable unnecessary applications in Samsung, without Root.
BK Package Disabler- Disable services / applications on Samsung without Root
AccuBattery- Monitors and optimizes battery life and efficiency.
BetterBatteryStats- A utility for monitoring battery discharge. (Detailed program description)
Disable Service- Enable and disable services.(ROOT)
Greenify- Manage background processes.(ROOT)
GSam Battery Monitor- Utility for monitoring energy consumption.
LeanDroid- Automatic management of wireless connections.(ROOT)
Lux Auto Brightness- Automatic adjustment of the display brightness.
My Android Tools- Disable / enable activity, service, receiver, provider for any applications.(ROOT)
Wakelock detector- Search for reasons for not falling asleep device. (detailed program description)

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* lin04ka,
eg? Link to the studio!

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* virusiemens ,
Look what is on AliExpress! HSABAT S9 Plus 4450 mAh for tablets, battery S9 Plus S9Plus for US $ 11.09 - with a discount of 14 пј…

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* lin04ka,
What do you think if manufacturers of the largest digital company Samsung were able to in these dimensions
Attached Image

stab no more than 3500
And then this marketing move, how much even the new battery did not really have 3500 and it was about 3350
And Chinese friends from what was conjured with a sticker on a printer and a veil of 5000?
Attached Image

Nohon of an approximate capacity to the original 3150 is realized for $ 20
Is this a miracle with wonderful 5000 for $ 10?
lin04ka @ 12/20/22, 00:02*
Hsabat S9 Plus 4450 mAh for tablets

For which phone is this?
Attached Image

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Attention HSABAT is checked, a real scam.
Battery data capacity 1500 - 1600 MAH

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Virusiemens @ 12/19/22, 23:17*
And Chinese friends from what was conjured with a sticker on a printer and a veil of 5000?

It will be possible soon.
Since lithium will no longer be used for batteries. (Smooth transition)
Sulfur and sodium battery already come to replace. Which allow you to place 60% or more charge in themselves.

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Punk77777 @ 12/20/22, 00:48*
Sulfuric sodium

For a tip: good: google

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I will add. That it is cheaper than lithium at times and easy to get.
So prices will not become more expensive, but the capacity will be higher, definitely))

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Lin04ka @ 12/19/22, 20:18*
Has anyone put a large capacity of the battery from Alik?

A large container is a pure divorce. There is a small gap in width and height, about a millimeter, but this will not give much for the container. Whereas in thickness, an increase of only 0.5 mm does not allow the lid to fit tightly. Checked. And if so, then there can be no talk of a greater capacity. Given how often the Chinese in such cases deceive. They cannot do batteries with the declared capacity, what can we say about a large container.
Unless, indeed, other materials in the manufacture of batteries will be used, the same sulfuric soda, but they most likely require other charge controllers, and the one that will not understand the new chemistry in the phone.

Added on 12/20/2022, 11:53:

I put the service original here, really service, it was only 2500 out of 3000 in it. True, the battery from 19 years old, lay down for 3 years and lost a little capacity. And initially, most likely, there were no 3 thousand, rather 2800.
Place Nohon as if possible - this is more or less the norm.
Or Cameron Sino is recommended.

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Punk77777 @ 12/19/22, 22:54*
I will add. That it is cheaper than lithium at times and easy to get.

If I am not mistaken, then for use in portable electronics, you still need to solve the problem with a high operating temperature. In the meantime, this problem has not been solved, such sulfuric batteries have too narrow the circle of use.

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Punk77777 @ 12/19/22, 23:54*
I will add. That it is cheaper than lithium at times and easy to get.

* Beany Yes, yes, I read about it, the operating temperature of the battery starts from 150 ° and you can’t even dry the electrical transport.

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Engineers work on this issue. And the temperature will return to normal.
So do not worry, we just wait, progress is just around the corner.

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Now for electric cars have developed sodium-literary batteries. The cells are created in one block. And the system (BMS) will decide how to use the battery.
And this means progress in temperature)

Added on 12/20/2022, 16:23:

Here are lithium h increased capacity.
Silicon nanoni, hold 10 times more lithium.
The dimensions are the same)))

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